Xpander by OZ-Soft Is A ‘Multi-Fx Stereo Widener’!

Xpander by OZ-Soft Is A 'Multi-Fx Stereo Widener'!

Xpander by OZ-Soft

The free Xpander plugin was released by the developer brand OZ-Soft (located in Rotterdam, Netherlands), and it is a combination of several effects that can help enlarge the stereo image of your audio input. OZ-Soft is a brand promoted by DJ and Producer ‘Ummet Ozcan (Dutch of Turkish heritage), who is the creator of Oz Records and whose musical creation is focused on trance music and recently to a big room house. It was ranked 65th on the DJmag magazine’s list in 2020.

In addition, OZ-Soft released the Genesis CM synthesizer in collaboration with Computer Music magazine (out there in 2010). This synth is designed for electronic dance music (EDM) and dance music creation.


Xpander - Stereo Widener

As mentioned above, the Xpander plugin combines a number of effects, including Stereo Widener, Unison Detuner, Chorus Ensemble, and EQ. This combination will help you extend and give life to your sounds. All Xpander processing is organized into three areas, which are visible at the top of the GUI: Widener, Unisono, and Enhancer (to keep it simple and straightforward).

Widener – aids in the “Natural” shaping of a stereo image. You can change the width and size of the stereo image using the ‘Width & Size’ controls, but it also has the ‘Mod Speed & Size Mod’ settings, which allow you to add an interesting modulation effect to your signal (combine them with Picture controls are used to create new modulation sounds).

Unisone – It will help create a “Bigger Sound” through detuning, which can be controlled through the ‘Mix & Detune’ controls; you will notice the difference right away when you use these controls (a detuned chorus type effect), and the ‘Leak & Phatt’ controls allow you to add a little more creativity to the modulation of the sound, allowing you to create really strange sounds/effects.

Redo – This will essentially help to shape the tonal behavior of the incoming signal a little bit, in other words, you have a 2-band equalizer that you can adjust with the ‘Sonor & Crisp’ controls (Low & High Frequencies respectively) and the ‘Color A & Color B’ controls (which change the filter behavior for each band). We thought it would be a good idea to add a final touch to your sound.

Important note: each of the central portions has a huge control knob. We encourage you to experiment with Xpander to see how they operate and how they alter the behavior of these three sections: Widener, Unisono, and Enhancer.

Xpander by OZ-Soft Is A 'Multi-Fx Stereo Widener'!

Final Thought

Honestly, if you are an Electronic music producer, you will love this plugin. It gives you 3 amazing options as mentioned above, and they sound amazing. The UI is super creative and user-friendly and the fact is that this is a free plugin is awesome. 

You can use it on Vocal, Synths & Keys, and Drums. I worked with some similar paid versions and I can say that the Xpander sounds even better than some of them. Some people might say there are no good free plugins out there and this plugin might change their mind. 

You can create some massive and big-sounding effects with this plugin. As I said earlier, it is a super great tool for EDM, Electronic Music, and even Pop music producers. Just with a few adjustments, you can get a great result with this tool. 

Download 'Xpander'

The Xpander plugin is available for free download on the developer’s website, OZ-Soft (Linked Below). You will be required to complete a standard check-out process in conjunction with your registration on the website. Then go to your account on the website (Your account), click on the “ORDER HISTORY” section, then “Details”, and you should see your Xpander plugin download link there.

Download Here: Expander


The ‘Expander’ saturation plugin supports the VST3 formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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