Vibraphone Renaissance – A FREE Sample-Based Instrument By SampleScience!

Vibraphone Renaissance - A FREE Sample-Based Instrument!

Vibraphone Renaissance By SampleScience

Vibraphone Renaissance is a freeware sample-based VST plugin for Windows and macOS from SampleScience. Reason 12 and Decent Sampler versions of the instrument are also available.

Audio samples were retrieved from a damaged vibraphone recording for Vibraphone Renaissance. The instrument was given the name Vibraphone Renaissance because SampleScience used spectral restoration to rebuild the sounds.

Vibraphone Renaissance - A FREE Sample-Based Instrument By SampleScience!

Vibraphone Renaissance

Those who are familiar with SampleScience’s prior work will be familiar with the plugin’s features. It’s a sample-based virtual instrument with a pleasantly lo-fi feel and a number of useful audio altering capabilities.

The ADSR envelope may be adjusted, modulation can be applied, reverb can be added, and the tone can be shaped using the built-in multi-mode filter. The device is portable, simple to operate, and capable of producing some inspiring vibraphone sounds.

The source sounds are the same in the Decent Sampler edition of Vibraphone Renaissance, but the controls are different. It has a simple attack/release envelope, a low-pass filter, a delay effect, and a reverb with the room size and damping intensity controls.

Decent Sampler is a free plugin that is quickly establishing itself as one of the top freeware solutions for creating sample-based instrument libraries. Even more, effects are included in the Reason ReFill version. It has a built-in equalizer, reverb, delay, and a Lo-Fi effect. Please keep in mind that the ReFill edition requires Reason 12 or higher.

Vibraphone Renaissance can be downloaded for free from SampleScience’s website. You can assist the developer by sending an optional donation.


Final Thought

You’ve most likely heard of Sample Science’s product. Another freebie from this company that we tested was the “French Violin.” Sample Science’s goods are highly recommended if you’re seeking a good-sounding free virtual instrument. They all sound awesome, even better than some of the paid options available.

As you may know, “VIBRAPHONE RENAISSANCE” comes in three versions: standalone, Reason ReFill, and Kontakt. As a result, it’s fantastic that they support all of these hosts. This virtual instrument has all of the sound design settings you’ll need, including ADSR, Filter, Reverb, Delay, and Chorus effects. You may simply make your own sounds using these.

I haven’t seen anything disturbing, and the sound is excellent. If you wish to use the standalone, keep in mind that you’ll need to manually copy and paste the VST file into your VST folder, as well as rescan the VSTs from your DAW.

You will love this plugin if you work in the Lo-Fi or Cinematic genres. It has a fantastic sound to it, plus it’s completely free. I often tell people that if you truly liked a freebie from a company, you should always support them and offer them reasons to keep doing what they’re doing. As a result, this product comes highly recommended from me.

Download 'Vibraphone Renaissance'

If this is your first visit to SampleScience (Linked Below), have a look at some of their prior releases. From lo-fi pianos to cinematic soundscape generators, there are dozens of virtual instruments waiting to be found.


  • Stand-Alone version: The ‘Vibraphone Renaissance’ provides the VST | AU formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit) Remember that you need to copy and past the VST file manually to your VST folder. 
  • The Reason ReFill version: Reason 12 and up or Reason+.
  • The Kontakt 5 version: The latest version of Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6 and up, and it must be the full version, it won’t work in the free Kontakt Player.
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