A FREE Equalizer “Titanium 3 Basstard” by Acustica  Audio

Titanium 3 Basstard by Acustica Audio

Titanium 3 Basstard by Acustica Audio

Acustica Audio has just released an update for the free Titanium 3 Basstard plugin, which now includes support for Mac OS (M1). This EQ is practical and effective, focusing on the basic task of increasing the Low-End.


Titanium 3 Basstard

Titanium Basstard is a free sample of the Titanium Suite 3, which consists of six different Acqua plugins and rhymes with Low-End (5 plus one FREE). Basstard is a bass frequency monster that is derived directly from the complete equalization module (Titanium 3 EQ tube passive Equalizer).

As a result, Titanium 3 Basstard provides a single band of targeted low-frequency equalization based on the classic Pultec equalizer. The ‘Low Frequency’ knob lets you choose the frequency (20, 30, 60, or 100 Hz) on which you will work the Low-End, while the ‘Boost & Atten’ knobs allow you to boost or attenuate the level of the selected frequency and its adjacent frequencies, respectively. Furthermore, Basstard includes a ‘Pre’ button that, when activated, adds a bit of extra tone and harmonic character.

A FREE Equalizer "Titanium 3 Basstard" by Acustica  Audio

Final Thought

The Titanium 3 Basstard is a fantastic plugin for your low-end, and it is also the smaller brother of the Titanium 3 All-Tube plugin, which emulates the PulTec EQ. The first portion of the PulTec EQ is represented by this plugin. You may also boost and cut frequencies between 20 – 100 Hz just the same as the traditional PulTec EQ. The Titanium 3 Basstard feels more round and richer to me than similar emulations. But, while it is a matter of personal preference, I like this one.

Acustica Audio plugins used a little bit more CPU in general, so if you’re using a normal laptop or computer system with the minimum amount of CPU, you want to keep an eye on your CPU performance. To get this plugin, you must first download “Aquarius”, a download manager. From there, you may get this plugin as well as several more freebies as well. So, go ahead and download this plugin, give it a try, and if you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money.

Download 'Titanium 3 Basstard'

The Titanium 3 Basstard plugin is available for free download via the Aquarius desktop application as mentioned before, which can be downloaded from Acustica Audio’s official website (Linked Below). To get this and other free goods offered by this developer, you must first create an account on the Acustica Audio website.

Download Here: Titanium 3 Basstard


The Titanium 3 Basstard plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Windows and Mac OS.

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