The Bad Contact By Rawoltage – A FREE LoFi Plugin!

The Bad Contact By Rawoltage - A FREE LoFi Plugin!

The Bad Contact By Rawoltage

The Bad Contact is a freeware VST plugin from Rawoltage that simulates faulty cable connections and knobs. Bad Contact is a noise-based effects unit that is simple and compact. This plugin can make you reassess your priorities if you’ve always wanted your virtual instruments to sound more analog and old.

The Bad Contact By Rawoltage - A FREE LoFi Plugin!

The Bad Contact

When hearing an electrical crackle, pop, or buzz coming from defective equipment, most engineers and producers get a shiver up their spine. With The Bad Contact, though, you have complete control of the sounds. The noise in this plugin is created by turning a giant black dial in the middle of the GUI, which functions as a rack component with a defective circuit.

If you can get past the first fear that these emulations cause, Bad Contact can be a really valuable tool. It could be a fun technique to give a recording more “character” or a useful sound design tool for multimedia productions.

Bad Contact has a simple interface with a few basic dials and switches that allow you to modify the following parameters:

  • 50/60 Hz: This dial allows you to blend in a 50/60 Hz analog-style hum. The noise is eerily similar to the electrical hum produced by massive amplifiers and speakers.
  • Dirt: Dirt controls how much erosion occurs in the circuit. The higher you turn the knob, the more your sounds spread out and get more broken up.
  • Voltage: The overall amplitude of your created noise is controlled by this dial. This dial can be used in conjunction with the dirt knob to adjust the overall tone.

For fluid mix control, there is also a quick and easy bypass switch. Every time you toggle this switch, it produces a deep characteristic pop. Don’t worry, your gear will be alright. The fact that all of the noises are generated by oscillators is maybe the most intriguing aspect of this plugin. When it comes to impacting your audio, this means you’ll never hear the same sound twice.

Final Thoughts

The Bad Contact is purposely unpleasant and aggressive. The sounds produced by this plugin could be used in both subtle lo-fi productions and more intense aggressive EDM styles. The noises work nicely with resampled vocals, as well as synths and percussion.

This may be a handy sound design tool as well as a free alternative to premium lofi plugins. As previously said, the UI is rather basic in design, and it sounds as advertised. I enjoy using lofi plugins like RC-20 and LoFi Flux in my projects, but I haven’t had much experience with The Bad Contact. However, because it’s a free plugin, we can always check it out and see if we like how it sounds.

Download 'The Bad Contact'

To get more information and download ‘The Bad Contact’ you can visit their official website (Linked Below).

Download Here: The Bad Contact

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • Not Supported

WINDOWS Requirements

  • VST, and VST3 – (64-bit)
Attitude Music IssueThe Bad Contact By Rawoltage - A FREE LoFi Plugin!

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