SSQ by Analog Obsession – Free SSL EQ!

SSQ by Analog Obsession - Free SSL EQ!

SSQ by Analog Obsession

The latest SSQ version 6.0 features an upgraded circuit design and DSP, as well as 4x oversampling (to enable, click on the ‘Analog Obsession’ logo, which will turn red when oversampling is enabled and it will show the notification too) and reading of knob values, also included is compatibility with the current Mac Catalina & Big Sur operating systems (Intel / M1), as well as a revamped user interface (by Garry Stautmeister).

SSQ by Analog Obsession - Free SSL EQ!


The SSQ plugin is based on the equalization part of the iconic SSL 4000 E console from the early 1980s, but Analog Obsession has designed it specifically for the model with the equalization section BROWN.

The colors used on the LF knobs are used to distinguish the type of EQ placed on a 4000 E console in editions built between 1981 and 1989, consequently, the two flavors are known as’ Brown ‘and’ EQs. Black ‘, each EQ has unique tonal character and response curves. The original SSL design, ‘BROWN,’ had a smoother Q and smaller frequency and gain ranges. As a result, getting a good musical tone quickly is a little easier. ‘BLACK’ is the newest EQ design, with a tighter Q and wider frequency and gain ranges, making it better suited to “surgical” EQ.

In SSQ, there are four equalization bands, each having a +/- 16dB increase/attenuation level knob: ‘LF’ (low frequency) band with a knob to pick frequency from 30 to 450 Hz and the ‘LB’ button to switch from the default Shelving filter to the Bell filter. The ‘LMF’ (low mid frequency) band has a frequency selection knob that ranges from 200 Hz to 2.5 kHz, as well as a knob to alter the ‘Q’ (bandwidth).

Frequency selection knob from 600 Hz to 7 kHz for the ‘HMF’ (high mid frequency) band. Also included is an ‘HF’ (high frequency) band with a frequency selection knob ranging from 1.5 to 16 kHz, as well as an ‘HB’ button to switch from the default Shelving filter to the Bell-type filter.

You will also have the High Pass (16 to 350 Hz) and Low Pass (1 to 20 kHz) filters. Handy input and output volume controls (Input / Output), which you can change between +/- 24 dB.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, not have much to say about Analog Obsession plugins. They’re fantastic, and the developer (Aka Tunca) freely distributes all of his plugins. He is a hardworking and giving developer whose mission is to support producers all around the world. I’ve tested a number of his products and must say that they function admirably, even better than some paid plugins you see on the market.

The user interface of SSQ is very clean and actually follows that of the well-known SSL 4000 E Series. One of the qualities I love about the developer is his attention to detail. Tunca’s work is amazing because he completely understands what he’s doing and makes amazing plugins that he freely provides, which is wonderful, and he definitely deserves the community’s support.

The SSQ, in my opinion, is one of the fine SSL 4000 E emulations available. I compared the EQ curves to the PA (Plugin Alliance) SSL 4000 series, and while they reacted to the signal differently, I liked what SSQ had to offer. It has a bright high-end shelf and might be a good choice for adding air to vocals, guitars, and other instruments. It also has a 4x light oversampling option to ease up with the high-end and is CPU-friendly.

Download 'SSQ'

The SSQ by Analog Obsession plugin is available for free download on the official website of the developer Analog Obsession on Patreon (Link Below). Remember that you may contribute to Analog Obsession’s work by subscribing to your Patreon account for as little as $5 every month.

Download Here: SSQ

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • VST, VST3, and AU – (64-bit)

WINDOWS Requirements

  • VST, and VST3 – (64-bit)
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