Saturation Knob by Softube ‘New Update’ – (Review)

Saturation Knob by Softube

Saturation Knob by Softube

Softube has updated its plugin library with the addition of ‘extended features’, which improves integrated control and workflow. This update also included Saturation Knob, a popular free plugin.

Saturation Knob

The Saturation knob plugin, as its name implies, is an effect that adds character to your audio files by fattening them through analog-style saturation (adding harmonics). It’s great for enhancing drums and bass lines, and it can even give sparkle to vocals (if used appropriately or creatively).

Saturation Knob is one of the most straightforward saturation plugins available; its name tells it all. There is only one major Saturation dial on it. As you turn the knob clockwise, it moves from ‘off’ to ‘adding a little color, to ‘completely distorting’ whatever signal you’re feeding it.

The massive central ‘SATURATION’ knob adds saturation, and it also has three modes or types of Saturation character: ‘Keep High’ has a saturation and distortion quality that is primarily focused on the bottom end (low frequencies) while keeping the high frequencies intact.

‘Keep Low’ is the polar opposite, with a more concentrated saturation/distortion character in the high end (high frequencies) while keeping the red frequencies relatively pure, whereas ‘Neutral’ would apply saturation to the full frequency spectrum without a specific strategy.

What do extended Functions bring to us?

You can add Meters (Metering) for Peak, True Peak, RMS, and LUFS (Momentary, Short, and Integrated) levels in the extended functions, and it also applies Input and Output level adjustments. You can also find the Meter ‘GAIN DIFF’ which allows you to visualize the difference between the input and output level, and the ‘SET’ button compensates for the excess level in output with resampling.

You’ll also have a ‘HEADROOM’ slider that helps you “maintain” the dynamics of your audio source while adding the character of saturation, which is useful when you aggressively adjust the Saturation Knob. Finally, you’ll have a ‘HIGH PASS’ filter (from 20 to 200 Hz) and the ‘PHASE INVERT’ control to modify the variable phase inversion.

Download 'Saturation Knob' For FREE

The Saturation Knob plugin is available for free download on the Softube developer’s official website HERE.

To install Saturation Knob, you must first establish a user account on the Softube website and then download Softube Central.

The Saturation Knob plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX formats for Windows, and Mac. Only 64 bits are available.

Final Thoughts

Softube is generally towards the top of the list when it comes to free saturation plugins. Don’t be confused by Saturation Knob’s simplicity (or pricing). The company produces genuinely outstanding software. Try playing with saturation to add some more flavor to your mixes if they’re missing that extra touch of spice.

With this version, Softube has addressed all of the flaws. You may now adjust the input and output levels, apply a High-Pass filter, see the precise loudness in phase invert, and view the levels in True Pick, RMS, and LUFS. So, if you want a fantastic saturation and you’re on a budget, this plugin is a must-have.

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