PREDD by Analog Obsession - Amazing Free ‘PreAmp’ Plugin!

PREDD by Analog Obsession - FREE 'PreAmp'!

PREDD by Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession (Tunca), the tireless developer, is back with a new free download plugin, which adds a wide collection of plugins based on analog instruments. PREDD is a preamp MIC / DI effect based on vintage Abbey Road Studios tube equipment from the 1960s.


PREDD - Vintage Preamp Mic | DI plugin

The PREDD plugin is an emulation of the “Redd 47 Abbey Road Studios” Mic / Di Preamplifier found on the renowned Abbey Road / EMI Studios REDD 51 console built on “tubes” and used to track and mix the legendary band The Beatles.

The REDD 47 can currently be found in analog equipment developed by Chandler Limited in partnership with Abbey Road, which is why we believe the Analog Obsession PREDD plugin is based on this equipment. The PREDD plugin has the same settings as the analog model, with the exception of the ‘HF’ knob, which is a high-frequency booster filter that operates around 14 kHz, and the ‘Output’ knob.

The ‘MIC / DI’ button allows you to choose between the input section, microphone preamplifier, or DI input (note that there is a slight difference in the harmonic enhancement in the second and third harmonic pairs). Then there’s the ‘Voltage Gain dB’ knob, which controls the primary gain and combines the level compensation mechanism inside.

‘Rumble Filter’ is a continuous High Pass Filter that ranges from 30 to 180Hz (the analog equipment has 9 Rumble Filter locations), and ‘Fine Gain Set’ is a variable gain adjustment of +/- 5dB for fine adjustments, as well as a fully compensated level adjustment.

You’ll also have the switches: ‘PAD’ offers a maximum attenuation of -20dB, as well as internal compensation adjustment (fact: this feature is not present in the original Abbey Road equipment, but is present in the modern Chandler Limited equipment), ‘POLO’ activates phase inversion (180 ° polarity change), ‘ON’ to activate the bypass, and by clicking on the’ Analog Obsession ‘label we activate the Oversampling.

PREDD by Analog Obsession - Amazing Free 'PreAmp' Plugin!

Final Thought

Analog Obsession has released yet another fantastic plugin. The creator released a number of preamp-style plugins, all of which sound fantastic. To be honest, these sound even better than some of the more expensive plugins available. His 1073 emulation is fantastic. It, like the PREDD, sounds fantastic.

The user interface is very clean and well-simulated, as well as being very user-friendly. One thing I admire about the developer is that he considers every single detail, something that even several well-known companies have failed to achieve. He understands what he’s doing, and he’s created fantastic items and given them out for free, which is incredible, and he truly deserves the community’s support.

So, not much to say about this plugin other than that it sounds excellent and maybe the one for you if you’re seeking an analog preamp simulation. You should definitely have a look at it and, if possible, help the developer.

Download 'PREDD'

The PREDD by Analog Obsession plugin is available for free download on the Patreon page of the developer Analog Obsession (Linked Below). Remember that you may contribute to Analog Obsession’s work by subscribing to your Patreon account for as little as $5 USD every month.

Download Here: PREDD


The ‘PREDD’ saturation plugin supports the VST | VST3 | AU formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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