PG-8X by Martin Lüders VST ‘Synthesizer’ (FREE)!

PG-8X by Martin Lüders VST 'Synthesizer' (FREE)!

PG-8X by Martin Lüders

The JX-8P and PG-800 analog synthesizers are the foundation for the PG-8X virtual synthesizer. Roland’s revolutionary and flexible JX-8P synthesizer was released in 1985, and it pushed analog synthesizers a step further by incorporating functions that could generate sounds similar to those produced by digital synthesizers (of the time).



The ML-VST “aesthetic” plug-in’s design isn’t exactly based on the JX-8P synthesizer’s sound, but it is inspired by it. This equipment is similar to an “expansion” that permits a lot faster and easier edition for the sound of the JX-8P synthesizer and others, that is, the PG-800 offers complete control. Because the JX-8P only has a single-slider editing system, this is the most useful of all the editing options. And it is for this reason that the PG-8X was created.

Polyphony of up to 12 voices, two DCO sections with waveform selection of Sierra, Square, Pulse, and Noise, Mixer section that allows you to create a mix between the two DCO generators, sections for envelope control (ADSR), you’ll also have 24 dB Resonant LP Filter & HP Filter (3 stages), LFO Control, and many other functions to play with to find the right desired sound.

The Random button on the PG-8X is one of the more interesting features; it can help you locate a beginning point for finding the appropriate sound, and it’s also worth noting that the PG-8X is compatible with patches for the hardware, which means JX-8P SysEx files are accepted.

PG-8X by Martin Lüders VST 'Synthesizer' (FREE)!

Final Thought

To be honest, I haven’t had the chance to use it in a real project yet, but it has a lot of positive ratings on KVR Audio from many users who awarded it 5 stars, indicating that they enjoyed the sound quality and ease of use.

If you’re seeking a JX-8P emulator, here is the place to go, and you’ll almost certainly like using the PG-8X. It has a similar sound to the Roland synth and is completely free. You’ll also like the large number of great-sounding presets.

According to the developer, “There are still some issues, but they will not be major changes. Note that banks from the old version 1.0x are not compatible.”

Download 'PG-8X'

The PG-8X synthesizer can be downloaded for free from the ML-VST developer’s official website (Linked Below). There is no need to register; all you have to do is download the format that is compatible with your system, install it, and then enjoy Roland’s vintage 1985 sound.

Download Here: PG-8X


The ‘PG-8X’ saturation plugin supports the VST formats for Windows and Mac OS (32 & 64-bit).

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