PEDALz by Analog Obsession - FREE Guitar Pedal Plugin!

PEDALz by Analog Obsession

PEDALz by Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession has released the PEDALz plugin, which is a new creation that combines five old overdrive effect guitar pedal emulation plugins (DoDoD, Gunner, OverDiver, Pig-Pie, and Zupaa) in one. This plugin has been improved; this is its second update since its initial release in version 1.0; now it is in version 1.1; this includes the Extended Output range and the GUI improvement. 

PEDALz by Analog Obsession - FREE Guitar Pedal Plugin!


The ‘Model’ knob in this guitar pedal emulation plug-in allows you to select one of five pedal models: 1) DODOD (emulation of the DOD 250 overdrive/booster pedal), 2) GUNNER (emulation of the Marshall Guv pedal ‘nor overdrive), 3) OVERDIVER (Boss SD1 overdrive pedal emulation), 4) PIGPIE (EHG Big Muff pedal emulation), and 5) ZUPAA (Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal emulation).

The knobs ‘Pre-Tone’ to shape the signal before the driving circuit, followed by the tone controls ‘Bass & Treble’, ‘Drive’ to add the necessary amount of effect depending on which model is chosen, and ‘Output’ to compensate for the output level are used to control the tone, the amount of distortion, and the effect in general.

Final Thoughts

Aka Tunca, the creator of the Analog Obsession plugins, has released yet another fantastic update. Personally, I like the new UI; it works even better now, and it’s a fantastic overdrive plugin. To be honest, there are a lot of commercial overdrive pedal emulation plugins out there, and I’d say half of them don’t even come close to what this one does. This plugin has five fantastic-sounding overdrive pedal emulations in one plugin, as I mentioned earlier, and they all sound great.

If you’re looking for an overdrive plugin, I strongly recommend you give this one a try. I always tell people that we don’t have to buy plugins just because they look nice or are highly advertised; there are plenty of free alternatives that sound just as good. So, if you want to try this plugin, go ahead and do so; if you don’t like it, I’ll refund your money.

Finally, if you enjoy Analog Obsession’s products, please consider making a financial contribution to the creator and support him on Patreon. He works hard and provides all his plugins for free, and we need to support people like him in the industry to show our appreciation. This is the bare minimum we can do.

Download 'PEDALz'

You can go to the official Analog Obsession Patreon site (Link Below) to download the PEDALz by Analog Obsession plugin. Remember that, while the AO plugins are free, you can support the developer by joining their Patreon account.

Download Here: PEDALz

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • Mac 64-bit VST, VST3, and AU

WINDOWS Requirements

  • Windows 64-bit VST, and VST3
Attitude Music IssuePEDALz by Analog Obsession - FREE Guitar Pedal Plugin!

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