Magic Dice by Baby Audio - FREE ‘Reverb / Echoes’!

Magic Dice by Baby Audio - FREE 'Reverb / Echoes'!

Magic Dice by Baby Audio

Baby Audio, a wonderful plugin developer, is thrilled to announce the introduction of a new plugin, which will be included in its Freebies library. Magic Dice is a variation on the classic Spaced Out effect that contains all of its power.


Magic Dice

The Magic Dice plugin, similar to Magic Switch, encapsulates the essence and aural palette of the spectacular Spaced Out effect in a simple interface of a single “Button.” Magic Dice has all of the same spatial textures, sounds of Reverb, Delay, and Echo, as well as Lush and Sophisticated Modulation, as Spaced Out, but without the option to change individual settings.

You’ll have a large central button that represents a dice to “Control” the Magic Dice plugin. When you push this button, the effect will be randomly altered; “this can toss you anything, from murky space echoes to joyful reverberations to modulation effects that sound extraterrestrial,” so keep rolling the dice (clicking the button) until you discover something you like.

Baby Audio also includes a Dry / Wet slider for parallel mixing for a little more “Versatility” (just like on Magic Switch). You can also activate the Bypass by clicking on the Baby Audio logo. It should be noted that Spaced Out incorporates this random control “Dice” (provided), which makes random adjustments, but with the clear difference that you have all the controls to modify that adjustment created randomly, if you wish.

Magic Dice by Baby Audio - FREE 'Reverb / Echoes'!

Final Thought

Despite the fact that you can’t change any of the settings, you’ll have access to the same reverb, delay, and modulation processors as in Spaced Out. From foggy space Echoes to lush Reverbs and out-there modulation effects, probably hear it all.

This plugin would sound recognizable to anyone who has used the Baby Audio Spaced Out. We may call this plugin the Spaced Out’s little brother in certain ways. It’s incredibly simple to use; simply press the cube to activate one of the random effects, which sound great and range from Delays to Reverb.

With each click, Magic Dice creates whole new wet-fx textures and allows users to adjust the mix balance to their liking. From fuzzy space echo to beautiful reverbs to strange and cool modulation effects, it can do it all. Sometimes it happens all at once. This is probably is one of the best freebies of 2021.

Download 'Magic Dice'

To receive a free download of the Magic Dice plugin, go to the Baby Audio developer’s official website (Linked Below). You will be prompted for an email address to unlock the free download; once you input your email address, the download link will appear (“Download Magic Dice”).

Download Here: Magic Dice


The Magic Dice supports the VST | VST3 | AU | AAX formats for Windows and Mac OS (32 & 64-bit).

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