M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin?

M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin?

M-De-Esser By Techivation

The M-De-Esser, yes once again, the innovative minds at Techivation have surprised the audio production community with their latest creation, which is a super decisive De-Esser plugin that is super easy to use and gets a perfect result in a second. 

This plugin is now on sale for 65% OFF and works with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Let’s get started and discover more about this amazing plugin.

M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin?


This excellent De-Esser plugin (M-De-Esser) is proof of Techivation’s ongoing commitment to expanding the limits of audio technology. The “M-De-Esser” plugin emerges as a potent instrument meant to easily decrease sibilance and achieve beautiful vocal recordings. It combines cutting-edge engineering with artistic style. Its precision and efficacy show Techivation’s mission to offer only top-notch products for audio pros.

The M-De-Esser plugin’s engine uses intelligence to detect sibilant frequencies, providing that it only fixes the elements that are problematic and preserves the natural character. This innovative approach has been carefully developed to produce the best results possible, especially when fixing problems in the higher frequency range, making it especially suitable for jobs involving audio mixing, editing, and mastering.

Techivation claims that the M-De-Esser’s potential uses go well beyond vocal improvement. It succeeds in enhancing the smoothness and clarity of high frequencies across a variety of audio sources, whether they be dialogue, high-frequency-rich stuff, or complex sounds like high instruments such as shaker, crash, Cymbal, etc.

The M-De-Esser preserves its unique design elements that users of Techivation’s M series plugins have become used to and presents them in an easily understood, simple-to-use graphic UI.

We have tested the M-De-Esser at its highest sensitivity and below are the results of that test.

M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin?
M-De-Esser Linear Analysis (At 100%)!
M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin? - Slow

Slow Mode

M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin? - Med

Medium Mode

M-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin? - Fast

Fast Mode

Let us now explore "M-De-Esser" features in more detail:

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  • Air control: Boosts the presence of the selected frequency range by mixing in additional harmonics.
  • Input & output meters: View the audio levels of the input and output signals before and after processing. These meters provide real-time feedback on the input and output levels, allowing you to monitor the changes in amplitude that occur during the spectral shaping process.
  • Mix: Controls the dry/wet balance of the plugin.
  • Sensitivity: Controls the threshold of spectral compression. The threshold for the selected frequency range is set relative to the overall signal level. Thus, the plugin operation is independent of the input level.
  • Diff & Filter: These buttons let you hear the difference between the original and processed audio signals, helping you fine-tune the adjustments being made to the frequencies.
  • Strength: Controls the ratio and the maximum gain reduction of spectral compression.
  • Softness: Controls the amount of spectral smoothing and the soft knee width of spectral compression.
  • Modes: Fast sets the response speed to prioritize preserving transients over smoothing the processing in time.
    Medium Mode sets the response speed to balance preserving transients with smoothing the processing in time.
    Slow Mode sets the response speed to prioritize smoothing the processing in time over preserving transients.
  • Frequency Range: Limits plugin processing to the range specified. Use this control to target the problematic frequencies of your signal.
  • LR | MS Controls: Allows you to choose between Left and Right or Mid and Side to apply your processing on. Also, the slider allows you to determine which sides get more affected by the processing. 
  • A/B: The A/B buttons enable easy comparison of different options to determine which works best. You can also copy the same settings from A to B or vice versa to test small tweaks and adjustments and compare their effects.
  • Internal On/off Switch: The plug-in includes a bypass/on the control for quickly enabling or bypassing the effect. This control helps prevent potential clicks that can occur when using the on/off switch from the DAW host.
  • Menu: Provides, Undo/Redo, Presets menu, Save/Load settings, GUI settings, Activation setup, Over-sampling, and more. 
AFA Productions, Mastering Engineer on SoundBetter

Available on SoundBetter

If you looking for any professional audio services, please feel free to contact me and tell me about your project!

Final Thoughts

De-Essing will be enhanced by the innovative Techivation M-De-Esser plugin. It excels in enhancing high frequencies while successfully removing harshness, too much sibilance, and powerful resonances because of its own special spectral shaping algorithm. The M-De-Esser uses modern technology to boost reliability, musicality, and efficacy to levels that were previously unattainable, building on the success of the T-De-Esser, which was introduced in 2021. Beyond resolving high-frequency issues, its skills also boost presence and warmth in music.

I’ve used the T-De-Esser Pro in almost all of my projects and have always been impressed with the sound clarity and transparency it provides. This has led to continually excellent results. But when I came upon the M-De-Esser, I was amazed by its remarkable quality and operating effectiveness. It is without a doubt the best dynamic resonance suppressor I have given. Techivation has advanced its craft to a completely new level with the transition from the T-De-Esser to the M-De-Esser, which is nothing short of incredible. Its exceptional ability to turn harsh elements into polished shapes with a few little shifts is simply amazing.

This feature reflects what I find most impressive in Techivation’s products, which combine great quality and exceptional ease of use. Almost quick results are achieved, which is a characteristic shared by all of their products. This is proof of Techivation’s passion for quality, which infuses every aspect of their products.

The M-De-Esser trial version is available for 14 days of use. If you read my reviews, blogs, and articles, you would know that anytime I mentioned a product, I highly advised you to test it first before deciding whether or not it was a good fit for you. Don’t simply purchase anything because someone told you it was nice. Try it, play around with it, and make your own decision. After all, I’ve mentioned, I genuinely advise you to try the M-De-Esser.

Download 'M-De-Esser'

You can download the M-De-Esser from their official website (linked below). This plugin currently is on discount and you can get it for $45 at the original price is $129 until August 31st, 2023.

Also, Techivation offers a FULL BUNDLE (HERE) pack and you can get all their products at a really good price. 

Download Link: M-De-Esser

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.11 (OS X El Capitan) – macOS 11.6 (Big Sur) as 64bit VST, VST3, and AU, and 64-bit AAX, Intel, and Native M1

WINDOWS Requirements

  • Windows 7 and up as 32 / 64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX (PT11 and up).
Attitude Music IssueM-De-Esser By Techivation - Is it the BEST De-Esser Plugin?

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