LibreArp – Useful FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin!

LibreArp - Useful FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin!

LibreArp Arpeggiator Plugin

LibreArp free and open-source pattern-based arpeggiator updated to LibreArp v2.5. LibreArp v2.5 is a free arpeggiator in VST3 and LV2 plugin formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

LibreArp - Useful FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin!


A simple arpeggiator can be a pretty powerful tool that can deliver great-sounding results quickly. LibreArp seems to be exactly that, a simple arpeggiator that doesn’t over-complicate anything. LibreArp v2.5 features a brand new look for the GUI, with four tabs; Pattern Editor, Behavior, Global Settings, and About.

The Pattern Editor is where you’ll do most of your work, like setting the length of your loop and drawing in your pattern. The editor allows you to zoom in/out, and that can be helpful when adjusting velocity, which is available per note. Reset and Snap controls are located above the pattern grid; everything in the Pattern Editor is simple to allow you to work fast.

Infinite polyphony is also supported by LibreArp. As a result, while being a deliberately simple plugin, it may generate complicated patterns. You may quickly save/load user presets if you come across a pattern you like. The Behavior tab has MIDI channel options, as well as the option of using input note velocity. It also allows you to sign up for update alerts.

This current version includes a number of key new features as well as improved performance and appearance. Realtime Swing will allow you to give your patterns a more personal touch. Depending on the kind of music, the ability to swing or drag the pattern a bit can make a big impact.

Among the other new features are:

  • Chord Size – This feature lets you set a fixed number of notes to be used.
  • Smart Octaves – Higher pattern notes will always have a higher pitch.
  • Bypass – A simple bypass function that will be useful in some DAWs.
  • Note panel: A panel to the left of the pattern editor visualizes octaves and note numbers.
  • Manual time signature: You may now set the time signature visualized by the Pattern Editor manually, for better usability in hosts that do not properly report the time signature to their plugins.
  • Pattern offset: Using the new Record offset button, you can set the starting position of the pattern relative to the song. (Arm the button with a click, set the starting position in the host DAW and start playback. The pattern will be offset to start at that starting position.)
  • Selection duplication: Using Ctrl+B and Ctrl+Shift+B, it is now possible to duplicate selected notes.

If you’re searching for something a bit different, Hypercyclic is another free arpeggiator you can download. 

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Final Thoughts

The use of arpeggiator plugins may be quite a useful technique for enhancing creativity. The similar arpeggiator stuck plugins that several DAWs also provide are actually rather nice. Such tools are included in DAWs like Reason Studio, Bitwig, FL Studio, Ableton Live, etc. and they sound fantastic too. I mostly use Ableton Live’s stuck arpeggiator, and I can always quickly achieve the desired result. But if your DAW doesn’t include one, you can always try installing plugins like LibreArp, and they really work nicely.

As previously stated, the most recent version of LibreArp has greatly improved and offers a number of additional features, including Selection duplication, Pattern offset, Manual time signature, and others. In my opinion, that plugin is fantastic and helpful and may be really beneficial for music productions.

Finally, I highly recommend including this plugin in your toolkit as a helpful production element. This third-party plugin may be an excellent alternative for some DAWs’ built-in arpeggiators, which may be lacking in some functions.

LibreArp - Useful FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin!

Download 'LibreArp'

Consider funding the developer if you enjoy LibreArp, and constructive criticism and recommendations are always appreciated.

Download Link: LibreArp

System Requirements

LibreArp support 64-bit VST3/LV2 plugin formats for (Windows, macOS, and Linux).

Attitude Music IssueLibreArp - Useful FREE Pattern-Based Arpeggiator Plugin!

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