French Violin By SampleScience – A FREE Orchestral Plugin!

French Violin By SampleScience

French Violin By SampleScience

French Violin is a free instrument plugin for macOS and Windows by SampleScience. French Violin is a little yet powerful plugin that produces a realistic sound.

Arco vibrato, arco non-vibrato, pizzicato vibrato, pizzicato non-vibrato, spiccato, and tremolo are the six articulations it has. There are three voice modes, including polyphonic, monophonic, and legato, in addition to the six articulations.

French Violin

If you want to play realistic lines or even solos, you’ll need to practice your articulation. This usually entails utilizing faders to record automation or a lot of post-production tinkering. The point is that any orchestral library is like this, including the most expensive ones. What and how you play have a big impact on realism.

The user interface is similar to that of prior SampleScience equipment. There are little over an octave of keys on the bottom half, as well as ADSR, Preamp, and Glide controls. The essential parameters, such as articulation type and voice mode, are adjusted at the top of the GUI. A highpass/lowpass filter, amplitude range controls, and a multi-LFO are also included in French Violin.

You can choose the LFO Wave, Target, and Source much like the other SampleScience instruments. On an instrument that relies so heavily on expression, being able to change the LFO Source is quite useful. There’s also a Pan and Room Reverb control.

This kind of plugin is always intriguing because decent orchestral sounds are hard to come by, and when you do, they’re usually expensive. French Violin appears to be a nice freebie, especially if you’re looking for something simple and light.

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Download 'French Violin By SampleScience' For FREE

Download SampleScience French Violin (linked below). It’s available for Windows & macOS in VST/AU plugin formats (64-bit).

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