Electron EQ – Free PulTec EQ Style Plugin by Viator DSP

Electron EQ  by Viator DSP​

Electron EQ by Viator DSP

Electron EQ is a free equalizer inspired by one of the most prominent analog tube EQs. Viator DSP is back with a new free plugin release.

Electron EQ (PulTec Style EQ)

Electron EQ produced by Viator DSP is inspired by the famous tube equalizer known as Pultec.

However, this equalizer does not strive to be a traced replica of this classic equalizer; instead, the equalizer filter curves are a Viator DSP original design (its curves are a little more surgical according to the comparisons with other PulTec).

In addition, the Electron EQ includes fascinating features (as indicated by Viator DSP) such as 4x Oversampling, Stereo, Mid, Side, Left and Right processing capacity, and control over the precise replication of the tube overdrive circuit (you can add the amount of saturation to your liking).


Electron EQ Controls & UI

In the knob controls you’ll have the classics in a Pultec, for the low-frequency band you’ll have the controls; ‘Low Boost / Low Atten’ (+/- 10 dB) and ‘Freq’, this final control is not of selectable set frequencies like in the analog model, but you may choose any frequency between 20 and 300 Hz.

You’ll have ‘High Boost / High Atten’ (+/- 10 dB), ‘Bandwidth’, and ‘Freq’ for the high-frequency band, just as you do for the low-frequency band. Freq in the high-frequency band is not a selected fixed frequency; you can choose any frequency between 1 and 16 kHz.

Normally, the ‘Boost’ control in the High band only modifies the rise of the selected frequency (in the Pultec EQ more faithful to analog), but in this plugin, the band ‘Atten’ also operates on the same frequency selected with the ‘High Freq’ knob.

‘LP’ controls a ‘Low Pass filter’ that ranges from 20 to 3 kHz, and when the OS (oversampling) is activated, this filter is automatically changed to 19 kHz, but only if it is set to 20 kHz.”

This takes care of some sample rate arithmetic and allows you to hear the difference at the high end. While oversampling is active, it is preferable to keep the LP filter below 19 kHz.”

‘Drive’ regulates the actuation of the circuit that represents tube saturation; you can move from a modest saturation to a more extreme saturation that can damage our audio signal, and ‘Trim’ controls the output level, which we can offset or enhance (+/-20 dB).

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Download 'Electron EQ'

The Electron EQ plugin is available for “Mac – AU & VST3 (64 bit)” and “Windows – VST3 (64 bit)” for free download on the official Patreon page of the Viator DSP, which you can find in the link down below.

If you like the product, you have an option to support the developer, but that’s optional.

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