Drum One By Rigid Audio - A FREE Kontakt Drum Library!

Drum One By Rigid Audio - A FREE Kontakt Drum Library!

Drum One By Rigid Audio 

Drum One, a free Kontakt collection containing 64 electronic drum kits, was released by Rigid Audio. Drum One comes with seven drum engines, each with three sound generators, 64 factory/user kits, 426 source waveforms, and WAV file input. It comes with a total of 64 drum kits, both natural and synthetic.

Drum One By Rigid Audio - A FREE Kontakt Drum Library!

Drum One

Individual settings for kick, percussion, snare, tom, hi-hat, open hat, and crash are included in this sample-based drum synthesizer.

Filter cutoff, resonance, and lowcut levels are among the tunable factors. The attack and sustain knobs can also be used to sculpt transients. These changes can be made to the individual sounds.

You can apply reverb, saturation, and compression to the master channel in addition to the master volume and gain. You may also modify the sound frequency with the ‘Filter’ knob at the bottom of the interface. This is particularly useful if you’re using Maschine for live performances.

While you can create your own drum patterns, you can also use the randomizer to make your grooves sound more interesting and unique. By introducing a random aspect to the pattern, can also make electronic grooves feel more human.

Depending on the key of your music, the patterns can be transposed up or down. You can further alter your sound by adding color, such as driving or ‘LoFi’, to it. Using layer effects on the different aspects of the kits makes them sound distinct and unique every time, despite the fact that there are 64 kits available.

Final Thought

You can also use Drum One’s unique Kontakt interface to import and run your own samples. This is useful if you want to replace certain sounds in a kit with something you already have.

A drum synthesizer is a terrific addition to any music library because they are so versatile and can be utilized for practically any genre. The Drum One’s presets cover a wide spectrum of genres, from techno to house to hip-hop. This plugin is suitable for usage by pop musicians as well.

Now let’s talk about the user interface, sounds, and functionality now. Drum One’s user interface is straightforward, clean, and easy to use. You may synthesize sounds, apply effects, and pre-mix your drum track. In comparison to some other free sound libraries, it offers a relatively good user interface.

To be honest, I was very impressed by how it sounded. This drum collection may be used to produce both acoustic and electronic drum sounds. However, if I want to create an Electronic Drum sound instead of an Acoustic Drum sound, I would prefer to utilize this package. I’m not saying it doesn’t have good-sounding acoustic drum presets; rather, it’s a matter of personal preference. This is a fantastic tool for creating synchronized drums. I really like how you have a good number of effects in this library, which allows you to experiment with your sound and be creative.

As a free package, this is a great deal, but it has one major flaw in my opinion: you can only use this library with the full version of Kontakt Player. It would be ideal if you could use this with the Kontakt Free Edition as well. Aside from that, I enjoyed this product a lot.

Download 'Drum One'

By subscribing to Rigid Audio’s email, you can get a free download of the ‘Drum One’ (Linked Below).

Download Here: Drum One


The full version of Kontakt 6.4.2 Required in order to use the ‘Drum One’.

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