Dodo MIDI By Dodo Bird, Is A FREE Audio To MIDI Converter!

Dodo MIDI By Dodo Bird, Is A FREE Audio To MIDI Converter!

Dodo MIDI By Dodo Bird

Dodo MIDI is freeware audio to MIDI converter for macOS and Windows from Dodo Bird. Dodo MIDI recognizes and converts input audio to MIDI. The free audio to MIDI converter software allows you to operate virtual instruments and samplers using your voice or any musical instrument.



Some may wonder why you’d want to convert audio to MIDI, and this is a valid concern. The short answer is that MIDI allows you to alter data in ways that are difficult or impossible with audio. You can, for example, transpose MIDI to any key, adjust the tempo, and quantize it.

You may have a guitar loop that would sound great doubled on a synthesizer, but you lack the necessary theory and technique to perform it. You may use it to trigger the same line on your virtual synth by setting it to MIDI. Similarly, by translating your voice to MIDI, you can sing or hum to play virtual instruments.

You may incorporate audio to MIDI into your live performance or studio sessions in a variety of ways. Dodo MIDI isn’t the first audio-to-MIDI converter, but it claims to be the finest so far.

There are probably a couple of different techniques to convert audio to MIDI in whichever DAW you’re using. There are a few possibilities in Logic Pro X depending on your source, with Flex Pitch being the most common. While Flex Pitch is important, it is far from ideal.

There are more expensive alternatives, such as Melodyne, which isn’t perfect. A setup utilizing the Waves OVox MIDI Out function works best for live performances rather than studio use. For live use, there’s also Vochlea’s entertaining but overpriced Dubler 2.

Dodo MIDI By Dodo Bird, Is A FREE Audio To MIDI Converter!

Final Thought

As you can see, there are plenty of choices, so what sets Dodo MIDI apart? For starters, it’s free, which is always a plus, but the articulation is even better. You end up fiddling around with velocities, missing legatos, and unwelcome notes even if some of the preceding options get the appropriate notes. It quickly becomes tedious.

Dodo MIDI isn’t flawless, and it has inherent flaws, particularly in terms of pitch and configuration. However, we believe it addresses several difficulties better, particularly slides, making it less laborious in some instances.

I am impressed with the outcomes thus far, and we’ll happily utilize it to transform vocal lines into synth leads. So I think it is worth trying this tool out and seeing whether it could be useful for you or not. If you have trouble figuring out how this works, I do recommend you to check out the tutorial part to ensure that your chain and configuration are correct. 

Download 'Dodo MIDI'

The Dodo MIDI plugin can be downloaded from the Dodo Bird Music official website (Linked Below)

Download Here: Dodo MIDI


The ‘Dodo MIDI’ plugin supports the VST3 formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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