DLYM - A FREE Delay Modulator by Imaginando You Should Have!

DLYM - A FREE Delay Modulator by Imaginando You Should Have!

DLYM By Imaginando

“Creativity is our preoccupation”, says Imaginando, a company located in Portugal, which has been working on its project since 2014. They offer DLYM delay modulators free for all users and recently on August 26, 2021.

DLYM - A FREE Delay Modulator by Imaginando You Should Have!


The DLYM effect is a “Delay Modulator” that can also be used to create Flanger and Chorus effects. The chorus of Imagining’s the virtual instrument “DRC” Polyphonic Synthesizer served as inspiration for the DLYM effect, but the functionality has been expanded to make it available to all users who want to add a little depth to their sounds, or even drastically change them; they assure us that DLYM can do both with its analog-style processing and that it will work on any synth/audio track.

Let us now explore DLYM’s features in further detail.

In the delay effects in DLYM, you have “Time” (to adjust the delay duration), “Feedback” (to adjust the amount of delay feedback), “SYNC” (to synchronize the speed of the modulation waveform with the DAW tempo), “Rate” (to adjust the modulation frequency rate; this is closely related to the Sync button), and “Depth” (to adjust the amount of modulation depth) (allows you to select the waveform of the modulation; you have the options of Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sample & Hold or Filtered Sample & Hold).

“Mode” (which allows you to choose between two modes: “analog emulation” and “dimension style”), “Spread” (which allows you to adjust the amount of stereo amplification applied to the effect; towards the left, it is completely mono, and clockwise, it is fully stereo), “Crossover” (which controls the effect’s cutoff frequency; moving the switch clockwise / right increases the minimum frequency that will be influenced by the plug-in, and fully counterclockwise will use all frequencies. You may preserve transients and low-end / bass phase with this feature, ensuring that your overall mix retains all of its weight and ‘punch’) and “Dry/Wet” (“processed and unprocessed” parallel mix setting). It also contains a random button, which alters all of the DLYM parameters at random.

Final Thoughts

As a sound designer, the delay effect is really essential to me, and I use it frequently. Not only to add delay to stuff but also to make some interesting sound effects. I mean, the possibilities for using delay are really unlimited. There are so many things that you can do with the delay.

Imaginando did a great job with the DLYM delay modulator. Having its minimal user interface, the DLYM is one of the powerful delay plugins I have worked with. It has a highly user-friendly UI and produces a great output quickly. Personally, I like the Spread mode since it allows you to widen your signal. That’s one of my favorite vocal effects. It became my favorite delay plugin because of the chorus effect it provides.

The fact that the DLYM is free is a great gift. There are many commercial delay plugins on the market that don’t offer what this plugin does. Believe me, as my list of delay plugins shows how many delays I tried and experimented with. Not all commercial plugins provide good sound. There are many freebies that outshine most commercial plugins. So get this plugin, install it, and you will see what I mean. Nobody except you can tell you what is good or not.

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Download 'DLYM'

The ‘DLYM’ Delay Modulator plugin is available for free download from the developer Imaginando’s website (linked below). It will not be necessary to enter an email address or establish a user account in order to download; simply click on the link that is compatible with your operating system to download and install.

Download Here: DLYM

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • VST, AU, AAX formats (64 bits)

WINDOWS Requirements

  • VST, and AAX formats (64 bits)

iOS Requirements

  • AUV3 format for iOS DAWs including Garageband, Cubasis, BM3, and AUM.
DLYM - A FREE Delay Modulator by Imaginando You Should Have!
DLYM - A FREE Delay Modulator by Imaginando You Should Have!

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