dBCOMP by Analog Obsession - FREE ‘Compressor & Limiter’!

dBCOMP by Analog Obsession - FREE 'Compressor & Limiter'!

dBCOMP by Analog Obsession

dBCOMP, a limiter compressor based on the renowned dBX160 equipment from the 1970s, has been released by Analog Obsession. Analog Obsession expands its collection of compressor-type plugins based on analog models with this new plugin, which is, as always, completely FREE for all users.


dBCOMP - Analog Compressor Emulation

The dBCOMP plugin is touted as an effective compressor/limiter that is particularly popular for modeling transients on Drums and Percussion songs, but it can also be utilized on tracks ranging from bass to acoustic guitars or electrical. This can rapidly add a bit of “flavor” without requiring a lot of parameter tweaking.

The dBCOMP plugin’s design is fairly similar to that of the analog model; it has three primary settings for modifying the dynamics control: ‘THRESHOLD’ (to determine the degree of compression), ‘COMPRESSION’ (to select the Ratio value), and ‘OUTPUT’ (to compensate for the loss of level due to gain reduction).

Analog Obsession, on the other hand, provides versatility to the plugin in addition to the analog model’s settings. You’ll have the ‘HPF’ knob (which allows low frequencies to pass through without being compressed; it may be adjusted from 20 to 500 Hz), the ‘MIX’ knob (for Dry / Wet processing), and the ‘EXT SC’ button (activates the External Sidechain Input). Remember that you can activate Oversampling 4x for better signal processing by clicking on the ‘Analog Obsession’ logo.

The Attack and Release periods are dependent on the program, and that the ‘Attack’ time will work at 15ms for 10dB, 5ms for 20dB, 3ms for 30dB, and the ‘Release’ time will work at 8ms for 1dB, 80ms for 10dB, 400ms for 50dB.

dBCOMP by Analog Obsession - FREE 'Compressor & Limiter'!

Final Thought

dBCOMP produces more harmonic material in the low and low mid frequencies; knowing this can help you make better decisions when utilizing the dBCOMP plugin in our audio files. Compression in music.

dBX 160 is one of my favorite compressors of all time, and I have used several emulations. I love this model on Drum Bus, Bass, and Guitar. I mean you can use it on anything but I do prefer to use them on those elements, and it does a perfect job. 

As I said I used other emulations of dBX 160, and I must say I love how the Waves version reacts to the signal. I have been using the Waves 160 for years and I’m really happy with it. However, when I compare the Analog Obsession version with Waves, of course, there were some differences, even with the same setting. They both react a bit differently to the signal. Especially the Attack and Release times. I mean I love them both, they both have awesome characters.

And Analog Obsession develops amazing stuff. Definitely, he provides one of the best free plugins in the market. I love his emulation plugins. One other plugin I adore from Analog Obsession is the LALA which is the emulation of the LA-2A and also dBCOMP too. 

Download 'dBCOMP'

The dBCOMP by Analog Obsession plugin is available for free download on the Patreon page of the developer Analog Obsession (Linked Below). Remember that you may contribute to Analog Obsession’s work by subscribing to your Patreon account for as little as $5 USD every month.

Download Here: dBCOMP


The ‘dBCOMP’ compressor plugin supports the VST | VST3| AU formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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