“ChowKick” A Free Bass Drum Synthesizer by Chowdhury DSP

ChowKick by Chowdhury DSP

ChowKick by Chowdhury DSP

The ChowKick, a freeware kick synth modulator plugin by Chowdhury DSP, was recently released. Chowdhury DSP is one of the plugin development companies, which has developed several very interesting plugins. 

What I like about this developer is that he attempts to approach unique sounding tools, and his products reflect this. 


Aside from the melody, the most important element in any modern production is the Kick Drum, unless you are creating some drum-less genre such as ambient or some such. 

We as a producer or beatmaker have undoubtedly all got lots of kick drum samples in our hard drives. I have over 200GB of kick drums, ranging from traditional acoustic kick drum sets to current 808 and synth kicks. The difficulty is that I sometimes become distracted from the main concept of my song by sifting through all those samples and drawing in so many different sounds.

Using drum synth plugins to model my own stuff has recently been a lot more fulfilling for me. It’s more fun, I get what I wanted much faster, and the Kick sound I got sounds more unique and sits better in my productions.

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Jatin Chowdhury, also known as Chowdhury DSP, just launched “ChowKick”, a new kick drum synthesizer. ChowKick is a kick drum synthesizer based on the physical modeling of vintage drum machines.

ChowKick uses a resonant filter with numerous nonlinear modes in addition to a highly parameterizable waveform shaper, giving producers a wide range of options. The kick drum can also be simply “tuned” to match the key of your composition using incoming MIDI notes!

The user may adjust the number of voices, choose between Linear, Basic, and Bouncy resonance modes, and even play the kick like an instrument for that 808 basslines. It also tells you what each control parameter does if you move your mouse over it.

The ChowKick’s UI is straightforward and easy to use. It doesn’t confuse you with too many options, and it sounds fantastic. Great-sounding plugins don’t usually come with simple user interfaces, but this one does, and it’s FREE. 

“ChowKick” A Free Bass Drum Synthesizer by Chowdhury DSP

Downloading ChowKick for free

The ChowKick plugin is available in VST/AU for Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS devices as well. Also, it is open-source. 

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