Channev by Analog Obsession – A FREE Channel Strip!

Channev by Analog Obsession

Channev by Analog Obsession

The CHANNEV plugin has been improved; this is its third update since its initial release in version 1.0; now it is in version 1.4; this includes minor bug fixes (as reported by users) and the most apparent change is a new GUI designed by Gary Stautmeister. Users stated that the previous design was not particularly “intuitive” in the first instance (especially in the EQ section) and that the new design is much easier to browse.

Aka Tunca, the person behind plugin developer brand Analog Obsession is back with a great plugin release, some users have called it a masterpiece, the ‘CHANNEV’ plugin is a Channel Strip based on several classic vintage hardware models from manufacturer Rupert Neve. Channev was formally released on July 7, 2021, with a few bug fixes and the addition of the Input Trim control, which was not initially included.

Channev by Analog Obsession - A FREE Channel Strip!


This plugin includes the Mic PreAmp (Pre-72), De-Esser (D-03), Equalizer (EQ-81), Compressor (C-64), Limiter (L-64), and Tape Saturation (T-01) processes, all of which are based on analog Neve equipment. The signal process passes through each section in the order listed, and if you wish, each of these steps can be activated or deactivated.

Let's take a closer look at its features:

Mic PreAmp (Pre-72): We’ll start with a simple entry-level adjustment screw in this first segment, which was added in the last update. The ‘MIC’ knob (0 to 60 dB Virtual Gain) is followed by three buttons: ‘IN’ (bypass), ‘PAD’, and ‘Phase Invert’ in the PreAmp controls. It also has a Pre EQ, as well as Shelving High and Low filters, as well as High Pass and Low Pass filters.

De-Esser (D-03): You can control the irritating wheezing that can be found in a voice track or any other track that requires it in this section. There are ‘THRESHOLD’ settings, as well as a ‘Release’ knob, Bell & Soft mode options, and a ‘MIX’ knob control for the Dry/Wet mix. Even though we do not have a “surgical” control over how often the de-esser acts, it can still be good to give a touch of control over general wheezing, and if it does not work, it is simply omitted (bypass).

Equalizer (EQ-81): This module is based on the Neve 1081 equalizer, which is a four-band equalizer with configurable frequencies that Analog Obsession customized by making the selectable frequency bands “limited”: The first High band spans 3.3 to 15 kHz, the second Mid High spans 1.5 to 9.2 kHz, and the third Low Mid spans 220 to 1200 Hz and the fourth Low band goes from 33 to 330 Hz. The Shelving Filter on the High and Low bands can be changed to a Bell-type, and the Low Mid and High Mid bands include the Hi-Q option (which narrows the bandwidth (Q) a little). A handful of High and Low Pass filters are also included.

Compressor / Limiter (C-64 / L-64): These sections are based on the 2264 Compressor/Limiter (500 series gear), however, they are completely independent of one another and each has its own External Sidechain. We have controls for ‘Threshold,’ ‘Ratio,’ ‘Recovery’ (release), ‘Gain,’ and ‘Mix’ (dry/wet) in the compressor. ‘Threshold,’ ‘Recovery,’ ‘Gain,’ and ‘Mix’ are the controls in the Limiter.
Fact: Britpressor is an AO plugin that combines these two procedures into a single plugin.

Tape Saturation (T-01): This is the final step in the chain, which combines CHANNEV “Channel Strip” with merely a ‘DRIVE’ knob control to add tape saturation, which, as Analog Obsession explains, will aid in the pasting of the general signal. Finally, there’s the ‘OUTPUT’ knob (+/- 24 dB).

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Final Thoughts

There isn’t much to say about Analog Obsession plugins, to be honest. They’re excellent, and the developer (Aka Tunca) gives away all of his plugins for free. He is a dedicated and generous developer whose goal is to help producers all around the world. Many of his plugins have been tested by me and I must say that they perform excellently, even better than some commercial plugins on the market.

In my view, the Channev is one of the best analog channel strip emulations available. As we said previously, it gives all of the controls you need. Its EQ is one of my favorites since it is easily configurable and includes a pre-filter. I really like the user interface, and the developer did a fantastic job of emulating multiple NEVE devices in one plugin. The Channev has a very appealing and warm color to it. Also, it provides the 2x light oversampling option and is quite CPU friendly.

You can even use the Channev for mastering, however, the key is to utilize the de-esser, eq, compressor, limiter, and tape saturation softly rather than the mic preamp section, it can add a very pleasing color to the audio track. Also, the Dry/Wet option can also be used as a parallel processing option. Although that would be the way I use it on my mastering session, you shouldn’t limit yourself just experiment with this plugin and find your sweet spot.

Download 'Channev'

You can go to the official Analog Obsession Patreon site (Link Below) to download the Channev by Analog Obsession plugin. Remember that, while the AO plugins are free, you can support the developer by joining their Patreon account.

Download Here: Channev

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • Mac 64-bit VST, VST3, and AU

WINDOWS Requirements

  • Windows 64-bit VST, and VST3
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