BYOD By Chowdhury DSP - A FREE Customizable Distortion VST!

BYOD By Chowdhury DSP

BYOD By Chowdhury DSP

Chowdhury DSP while ago released BYOD (Bring Your Own Distortion) a freeware customizable guitar distortion effect, This plugin allows users to combine and connect several guitar FX modules to create their own guitar pedal. 

BYOD By Chowdhury DSP - A FREE Customizable Distortion VST!


BYOD (Bring Your Own Distortion) is an awesome freeware configurable guitar distortion effect available in various formats such as VST, AU, AAX, and LV2 plugin formats from Chowdhury DSP. Chowdhury DSP’s BYOD is a highly flexible guitar distortion effect. It allows users to construct unique guitar pedals by combining several guitar FX modules.

Tone shaping, distortion, impulse responses, gain settings, and other guitar FX components are included in the plugin. It allows the user to mix and match the various components to build their own guitar multi-effects.

Your homemade guitar pedals can be saved as presets for subsequent usage. So, if you’ve always wanted to make a Tube Screamer with a bass boost and a custom EQ curve but lacked the skills, now’s your opportunity.

BYOD contains a dry/wet slider for convenient parallel processing and input/output controls for gain staging, among other features. It also has built-in oversampling, mono/stereo processing modes, and undo/redo.

The user interface is simple, with distinct colored components and buttons that are easily apparent. Because the central panel can be resized at will, the plugin will function at any screen resolution.

Here is what the developer said about BYOD:

“Build-Your-Own-Distortion (BYOD) is an audio plugin that allows the user to create custom guitar effects, focusing on guitar distortion.” “The plugin contains emulations of guitar distortion and tone-shaping circuits from various sources, along with a handful of other useful effects.”

Final Thoughts

I could go on and on about Chowdhury DSP stuff since I actually love their plugins. They are one of the most inventive plugin developers, providing excellent free tools for producers/engineers. They are very fantastic, and I’m surprised that they provide such wonderful plugins for free.

You have probably used some of Chowdhury DSP’s plugins. Their free tape simulator is without a doubt one of the best tape emulation plugins I have ever worked with. Another fantastic plugin is the Chow Matrix, which is one of my favorite sound design tools ever. It’s a really flexible delay plugin that lets you do some weird stuff.

They have just released the BYOD, a superb multipurpose distortion plugin that is completely free. This plugin may seem simple to you, but it is quite powerful, with all of the magic taking place behind the hood. The amazing part about BYOD is that it is an open-source plugin that you can customize to your liking if you know how to code. The BYOD plugin is a limitless plugin that allows you to experiment with various elements and create unique sounding effects. And that’s what I like about this company: they are continually coming out with something that does a lot more than most commercial plugins. It’s an excellent sound design tool that will quickly become your go-to tool for shaping sounds.

As I already mentioned, I am surprised that they provide such wonderful plugins for free. So, yeah, their products are definitely worth a shot, and if you are anything like me, you would add them to your list of favorite plugins and use them in most of your projects.

By the way, if you need assistance getting started with BYOD in your DAW, you can take a look at its manual HERE which might help your workflow.

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Download 'BYOD'

“BYOD” is available for free download from the developer’s website (Linked Below).

Download Here: BYOD

System Requirements

MAC OSX Requirements

  • VST3, AU, AAX formats (64 bits)

WINDOWS Requirements

  • VST3, and AAX formats (64 bits)

Linux Requirements

  • LV2

iOS Requirements

  • The free iOS app can be downloaded from AppStore.
BYOD By Chowdhury DSP - A FREE Customizable Distortion VST!
BYOD By Chowdhury DSP - A FREE Customizable Distortion VST!

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