Burier by Kit Plugins - FREE Saturation Plugin!

Burier by Kit Plugins - FREE Saturation Plugin!

Burier by Kit Technology

The “Burier” plugin was released as a free download in March 2021 by the Kit Plugins developer house in Nashville, Tennessee, and it recently received an update. Burier is an audio effect that combines signal filtering and saturation. It can be applied to a variety of audio streams. Burier is Kit Plugins’ first release.

This update to version 2.0 of Burier is primarily cosmetic in nature. You may now change the color of the plugin (from Blue, Red, or Black), resize the GUI, and get HD improved and rich sound saturation that “kills2 the drums, bass, voices, and more.


Burier Saturation

You’ll get a saturation stage, as well as a resonant High Pass and Low Pass Filter, with the Burier plugin. Without changing any of the parameters, the default plugin will apply saturation and thus enhance harmonics (specifically, the Burier Plugin’s saturation will be affected by odd harmonics). Using the BURY knob, you can increase these harmonics and create an overdrive type saturation light or a strong overdrive with a lot of distortion.

The HP / LP filters have a 12 dB per octave attenuation, are IIR (Infinite Impulse Responses) filters with a TPT (Topology Preserving Transform) construction, and their behavior is based on the SVF circuit, according to the developer. How much information does an active second-order RC filter like the Analog (State Variable Filter) hold? But, to put it another way, when you apply the filter, it will add resonance of about + 3dB on both ends, which means that the frequencies that you might lose by filtering the signal will be compensated by the resonance of the filters. This appears to be useful for shaping the tone for certain audio tracks.

In addition to the “BURY” control (to add saturation) and the “Low-Cut” and “Hi-Cut” controls (to filter the signal), you have a “MIX” control to create a Dry/Wet mix, an “OUTPUT” control, and a “LINK” switch, the latter of which will activate the automatic compensation to control excess gain when using the Bury knob to add saturation.

BURIER, according to the developer, can be utilized in practically any audio signal, including guitars, pianos, drums, synthesizers, vocals, and even bass. The most beneficial feature in this plugin appears to be using it on guitars; nevertheless, We used it on a piano and applied some filter and saturation to obtain a really great Lo-Fi type piano.

Burier is one bad*ss saturation and filter plugin designed to “bury” a wide array of instruments, busses, and FX. It’s equipped with a seriously savage saturation stage followed by a pair of resonant low- and high-cut filters for optimal tonal shaping. Burier also includes output attenuation and wet/dry mix controls.

The filters have a 12 dB per octave slope and are IIR (Infinite Impulse Responses) featuring a TPT (topology-preserving transform) structure. Their behavior is based on the analog SVF (state-variable filter) circuit, which is a second-order RC active filter.

Burier runs the gamut from safe, light overdrive that would make your mother proud; to hard, punchy, soul-crushing saturation that might get you evicted. Slap it on drums, bass, synths, guitars, vocals, and more!

Burier by Kit Plugins - FREE Saturation Plugin!

Final Thought

Kit Technology is a well-known audio software company that makes high-quality plugins. Burier is one of their fantastic plugins, which is both free and sounds fantastic. Because of one of my favorite saturation plugins, I’ve been using this plugin for quite some time.

Both of my favorite saturation plugins are free. Softube’s The Saturation Knob and Kit Technology’s The Burier. To be honest, they sound even better than many paid saturations and can be used for anything. If I want to add some dramatic saturation to my signal, I prefer to use this plugin. Because it has a mix knob, it’s also a great choice for parallel saturation, and you’ll adore it on bass. This plugin comes highly recommended by me. Furthermore, the Burier is CPU-light, so you won’t have to worry about it.

Download 'Burier'

The Burier plugin can be downloaded from the Kit Plugins developer’s official website (Linked Below). To get the free download, you must first create a user profile on the developer’s page, after which you can get the Burier plugin for free.

Download Here: Burier


The ‘Burier’ saturation plugin supports the VST3 | AU | AAX formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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