BlueLab Audio Plugins – They All Are Now FREE!

BlueLab Audio Plugins - They All Are Now FREE!

BlueLab Audio

BlueLab has declared that they will no longer be developing their goods. While the website is still up and running, all BlueLab plugins are now available for free. Visualizers, audio analyzers, and stereo widening effects are just a few of the audio tools produced by BlueLab.

Some of their plugins are clear and easy to use, such as the Gain12 effect mentioned above. On the other hand, more complex tools like the Infra bass booster and the EQHack analyzer are available.

There are presently 27 free BlueLab Audio tools and effects that have been discontinued. To access the download links, you must first add the plugins to your shopping cart and then finish the checkout procedure.

There is no official word on how long these free VST plugins will be available. “The site will remain available for a while, but without technical support on plugins”, BlueLab said. It’s always sad to see a developer’s labor come to an end, but we’re fortunate to be able to receive these plugins for free.


What Are The Plugins?

There are 27 plugins on their website, there are mostly utility plugins. Here are the plugins:

  1. PANOGRAM: Stereo sound field visualization plugin.
  2. INFRA: Phantom fundamental bass enhancer plugin.
  3. AIR: Air extraction and remixing plugin.
  4. CHROMA: Chromagram visualization plugin.
  5. GHOST VIEWER: Simple spectrogram visualization plugin.
  6. PRECEDENCE: Precedence (Haas) effect processing plugin.

  7. DENOISER: A plugin that attenuates or even suppresses the background noise (hiss) on a track.
  8. REBALANCE: Singletrack spectral demixer plugin.
  9. STEREOWIDTH: Stereo widening plugin
  10. GHOST-X: Powerful spectrogram visualization and editing software.
  11. IMPULSES: A plugin that captures the acoustic characteristics of a place by using impulse responses (IRs).

  12. SPATIALIZER: Binaural HRTF spatialization plugin.

  13. AUTOGAIN: Gain rider plugin, which follows and adjusts the level of a track automatically.
  14. EQHACK: Plugin to retrieve visually and accurately an equalization previously done on an audio file.
  15. SHAPER: Transient shaper plugin that amplifies or attenuates the transients on an audio track.
  16. SPECTRALDIFF: A plugin that detects if two audio files are identical or slightly different.
  17. PITCHSHIFT: A plugin that changes the pitch of a sound, from one octave below to one octave above the original sound.
  18. LOFI: Simple and efficient bit-crusher plugin.
  19. GHOST: Powerful spectrogram visualization and editing software.
  20. WAV3S: Sound visualization in 3D
  21. SINE: Simple and accurate sine wave generator plugin.
  22. STEREOPAN: A plugin that sets the panning of a stereo track for each of the two channels independently.
  23. GAIN12: A plugin that modifies the gain of a track from -12dB to +12dB.
  24. GAIN24: A plugin that modifies the gain of a track from -24dB to +24dB.
  25. GAIN60: A plugin that modifies the gain of a track from -60dB to +60dB.
  26. SAMPLEDELAY: A plugin that simply applies a short delay to a track, with precision at the level of one sample.

  27. SATURATE: Simple saturation plugin.
BlueLab Audio Plugins - They All Are Now FREE!

Final Thought

There are so many plugins here that I couldn’t possibly go through them all. I mean, I’ve tried them in broad terms to see what they do, but not in every detail. However, there were a few that I particularly enjoyed. Which I believe is a good idea and might be very useful.

DENOISER, STEREOWIDTH, AUTOGAIN, SPATIALIZER, and LOFI are some of my favorite plugins. If you’re seeking a decent DeNoised plugin, the ‘DENOISER’ is a good choice. It performs great work, and the quality is excellent. If you’ve used the iZotope Imager, the ‘STEREOWIDTH’ accomplishes much the same thing with minor differences. The ‘AUTOGAIN’ plugin is one of my favorites. It’s quite similar to the Waves Vocal Rider plugin, and it’s a great tool to have around, especially for vocals. If you’re seeking specialization plugins, you’ll like what ‘SPATIALIZER’ has to offer. Finally, the ‘LOFI’ plugin is a basic bit-crusher plugin that I like using, but it would not be my first choice if I needed one.

BlueLab plugins, on the other hand, will consume a lot of your CPU, and if you’re using a standard laptop, you’ll have trouble loading many of their plugins at once. That, I believe, is the major disadvantage of their plugins, and unfortunately, they are no longer being updated, so it is what it is.

Although you may use any tool you like and then freeze or commit the track, you can reduce CPU usage in this situation. So, until you have more time, go to their website and get what you need, then test it out for yourself to see whether you like it.

Download 'BlueLab Audio'

All BlueLab Audio plugins are available to download from their website for free now. Make sure to visit their website while the site is still up, they might close it down. 

Download Here: BlueLab Audio


All ‘BlueLab Plugins’ support the VST | VST3 | AU | AAX formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bit).

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