AMP LEQS by ProduceRNB – Free Limiting EQ Saturation & Stereo Effect

AMP LEQS by ProduceRNB

AMP LEQS by ProduceRNB

The plugin developer brand ProducerRNB has launched a free AMP plugin called ‘AMP LEQS’ which integrates the Limiting EQ processes with Saturation & Stereo FX.

AMP LEGS is a very interesting multi-effect designed to be used specifically on drum tracks to give them more punch and presence within the mix, although it can also be used in other types of individual instruments.


AMP is a powerful Limiter with a Soft Clipper, that allows you to instantly boost the apparent loudness of any sound while retaining stability over the peaks. This is a useful tool for drums since it adds punch, impact, and presence without clipping.

Standard clipping, which transforms your waveform into a brick, is similar to soft clipping, but it’s adjusted to smooth off the edges so it doesn’t sound as harsh.

That’s great for simulating analog devices, but it also has another use. Soft clipping is a fantastic way to make things sound louder and more unique without having to increase the level or perform any additional post-production. Simultaneously, it doesn’t sound as severe as digital clipping.

ProduceRNB, the plugin’s developer, says that it’s designed particularly for drums. This is what they said about ‘AMP LEQS’: 

“AMP is our new effect plugin designed specifically as a tool to quickly make drum sounds punchier, more present, and more demanding in a mix. AMP is also a great all-around tool for individual instrument sounds when it comes to making them sound louder and more interesting without over processing or clipping.”

AMP LEQS's UI & Controls

AMP LEQS is kind of a channel strip, and it does what exactly it is supposed to do, and it sounds very good. AMP LEQS has a very straightforward control setting, the UI is pretty clear and you will not get confused. It’s fantastic on drums, but I especially like it on kick and 808.

The AMP plugin offers us a “practical and easy to use” ‘Parametric Equalizer’ and with the great feature of an unlimited number of bands that we can create. You may pick between Low and High Pass, Shelf, and Peak filters for each band

For the ‘Limiter’ section, we have a couple of sliders for adjusting ‘Threshold’ and ‘Gain’, as well as a couple of knobs for adjusting ‘Attack & Release’.  Something strange or annoying about this limiter, is that we can’t see the real values of the adjustments that we make, this only shows us values between ‘1.0 to 0.0’, so the adjustments should be by ear. 

In the Saturation section, you’ll see the knob called ‘Saturate’. It allows you to add that saturation that can give a lot of character to your 808’s, Kicks, and Snares to your drums in general up to the Bassline. You also have two controls for ‘Pre-Gain & Post-Gain’ adjustment and the Wet knob for parallel mixing that only affects the overdrive section.

Lastly, there is a ‘Stereo Width’ slider to reinforce the stereo width or turn everything to mono.

Download 'AMP LEQS' for free

In order to download the ‘AMP LEQS’ (link below), you need to use a valid email address during the “checkout” process, then they will send you a download link with the ‘License Key’ that you will be asked to enter during the plugin installation. Remember this free offer is temporary and will expire soon, so make sure you get your copy since it is free! 

The ‘AMP LEQS’ comes in VST and AU plugin formats and it supports both Windows (64 bits) and macOS (64 bits)

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  1. I have tried AMP LEQS in reaper, I like the eq and stereo width parts a lot but every now and then when I click on the vst to open up its window in reaper, it crashes reaper.

    • Yes, at the moment it is not free, but at the time we post this blog which was (JULY 17, 2021) this plugin was free temporary, and in fact, we mentioned it in our post.

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