2RuleSynth – A FREE Software Synthesizer By 2Rule!

2RuleSynth - A FREE Software Synthesizer By 2Rule!

2RuleSynth By 2Rule

2RuleSynth is a new software synthesizer by 2Rule that is completely free! Simply go to their website, download the appropriate plugin for your operating system, then extract it into your plugins folder.

Indie developer 2Rule created this plugin using the JUCE framework (C++). Because the current version is a beta, it is still being tested. However, it now functions flawlessly with no serious flaws. However, at the moment it only supports VST3

2RuleSynth - A FREE Software Synthesizer By 2Rule!


The plugin is small, stable, and well-optimized for smooth operation even on older systems. It’s a VST3 plugin that works on both Windows and Mac (no AU or AAX for now).

This software synthesizer comes with a plethora of options that allow you to tweak every part of your tone. The 49 Factory Presets are modeled after classic analog synth sounds, and you can tweak them to your heart’s delight using the knobs. While the UI may appear intimidating at first, it is actually extremely simple to master.

The randomize button is perhaps the finest feature. It opens up a world of musical exploration because you may explore with new tones by simply pressing a button. You never know when you’ll come across the right one!

You can save your tones as presets, and you can fine-tune anything with over sixty distinct parameters. Among the different editing options are:

  • ADSR Controls
  • Waveforms
  • Reverb
  • High and Low Pass Filters
  • LFOs
  • Amplifiers
  • Two Oscillators With Independent Controls
  • Delay with DAW Tempo Sync
  • Chorus
  • Waveshape Distortion
  • Preset Save/Delete/Randomize
  • 8-note Polyphonic/Monophonic Switch

Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, and White Noise are among the waveforms offered. There’s also a Ring algorithm and an FM modulator included.

According to 2Rule, the plugin was designed solely to gain experience with the JUCE framework. The ultimate result, though, is far more than a basic test — it’s a well-designed, simple-to-use plugin that encourages musical innovation.

Final Thought

The 2RuleSynth comes with a number of handy features and allows you to make some fantastic sounds. The interface is incredibly user-friendly, as well as being quite clean and well-made.

To get started, this synth plugin comes with 49 great-sounding presets. For some amazing retro synth sounds. On the bottom octaves, ‘Preset 8’ has a hefty, bassy vibe; you can scale down the sustain to take control of it when you need to.

The creator is always working to improve the software, and they have just included new features such as a “Fine” knob to each oscillator. If you’re into sound design or composing Electronic music, this synth plugin is a great choice. With this plugin, you’ll have a lot of fun playing around. Because this is a free plugin, as I usually say, you may test it out for yourself and see whether you like it.

No one can tell you what to use or what not to use; at the end of the day, you should always like what you use. This is an excellent free synth that is well worth the time it takes to download in my opinion. 

Download '2RuleSynth'

You can find the download link (Linked Below) If you enjoy their work, you should consider making a donation to help them continue their work. 

Download Here: 2RuleSynth


The ‘2RuleSynth’ provides the VST3 format for Windows and Mac OS

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