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I am an Audio Mixing and Mastering Engineer with over a decade of diverse experience. Working in both the Music and Post-Production industries as well as working as a Record Producer, I’ve worked on many projects in various genres. On my journey, I’ve been working with many well-known artists as well as growing all around the world as a mixing and mastering engineer. I always believe in the power of music and I work passionately with artists to help them accomplish their dreams. I have done a lot of projects in a variety of genres, such as Hip-Hop, Rap, RnB, Jazz, EDM, Rock, Pop and etc.

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You may now hire me on SoundBetter if you prefer to pay for your Mixing and Mastering projects through a third-party website. However, if you want to contact me personally, please do so HERE.


  • Advanced Mixing Services
  • Advanced Mastering Services
  • Audio Editing 
  • Audio Restoration & Repair
  • Surround 5.1 & 7.1 Mixing & Mastering
  • Vocal Tuning
  • Drum Quantizing 
  • AudioBook Production Services


  • Music productions (Instrumental & Beats)
  • Music for Advertisements
  • Music Logo Intro|Outro
  • Music for Short Movies
  • Music for Games


  • Sound Design for (Game, Movies, Advertisements & Podcast)

  • Sample Productions
  • SFX Production

  • Foley Recording

  • Track Laying

  • Logo Sound Effects for Intro|Outro


  • Music Production

  • Post-Production

  • Editing & Arrangement,

  • Recording Techniques

  • Sound Design & Folly for Movies & Games

  • Professional Mixing & Mastering

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You can contact us directly and tell us more about your project and we will get back to you shortly. Or you can just email us at contact@afa.productions

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Artist & Clients

Check out some of our Artists & Clients.

How it's like working with AFA!

“I’ve been working with Afa for a year now. We’ve worked on an EP where he mastered all the songs on the project. He has also mixed and mastered a few of my soon-to-be-released tracks. Each time I work with him, it’s always up to expectation and he’s always willing to make adjustments upon requests. We have a good working relationship and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for mixing and mastering services.​”

Obi Okoro (Kobi) - Clients & Artists

Obi Okoro (Kobi)​​

Singer & Songwriter​​

“It was incredible working with Afa, I’ve tried to work with a few producers before, but I  felt   they didn’t really get the vibe of the song and weren’t  enough detail-oriented, But when I started working with Afa it felt completely different, he always got exactly the spirit of the songs and took them to the next level, even that some of the instruments weren’t been recorded in the best condition, with his touch it all sounded super professional Afa is also a great tutor and mentor  and he gave my band a lot of tools who helped us to get the best out of our music.”

Asaf Rahamim - Clients & Artists

Asaf Rahamim​

Composer & Animator​

“AFA plays a big part in assisting Neil to learn Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. AFA is a very experienced recording Engineer who is sharing his knowledge with the world.”

Neil Nayyar - Clients & Artists

Neil Nayyar​


“My experience with Afa was amazing. I sent him some recordings and he turned them into gold. I highly recommend everyone to take their music projects to Afa. You won’t be disappointed.”​

Danta Waiters - Clients & Artists

“At least recent two decades music production became the most important component of music. However, production requires more than a computer and a DAW. It needs really afford, musical sense as well as following fast-developing technology. It is hard to find a true producer who has all these abilities. Afa is a great producer whose science, technology, and art are unified. That is what makes Afa a perfect choice for every musician who wants to present good music.”

Veli Mert​ - Clients & Artists

Veli Mert​


“We are a duo writing and performing in many genres, including Contemporary Christian, Rock, Instrumentals, Pop, Latin, and others. Afa Kamal has given us a nearly perfect product. All of the instrumentation is well-balanced and the vocals sit in the mix at just the right spot. Communication with him is outstanding and every one of our comments was answered in a timely and professional manner.”

Piper - Clients & Artists

“This is his craft and he takes full ownership of the results. Great audio engineer. Really respect this guy. WOW. JUST WOW.”

Pink Nada - Clients & Artists

“A professional and attentive engineer that knows what he’s doing, we trusted him and it really paid off ! he has become our main engineer ever since. His understanding of what we exactly want and translating it into our music is something that we couldn’t find with anyone else!”

Peyda - Clients & Artists

“I recently had the pleasure of having Mixing lessons with Afa, where he walked me through the process of mixing a track from scratch. He taught me how to identify the issues that need to be corrected at each stage of the mixing process and showed me the different tools I can use to solve them. That way, instead of telling me to use a specific tool to solve a specific issue, he equipped me with the skills that allow me to make those decisions myself. He also helped me recognize the limitations of my equipment and environment and taught me how to account for and go around those limitations. Afa is a very patient teacher with great communication skills, and I feel like he’s helped me make very significant progress in a short period of time.”

Inês Rebelo​ - Clients & Artists

Inês Rebelo​

Singer & Songwriter​

“Such a great experience working with Afa, awesome quality, I didn’t even need any revisions or such because the first delivery was as expected. He is very pro at what he does and I definitely recommend his service.”

Alex Man - Clients & Artists