Waves Audio ‘Lofi Space’ - Free for a Limited Time!

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New Lofi Space Black Friday Gift

Waves Audio announced the launch of a new plugin at the beginning of November that you could get for free during Black Friday, and since there is no such thing as a missed deadline or an unpaid debt, waves have already revealed the gift it had prepared for everyone today on Black Friday: Lofi Space, an effect of echoes, delay, and reverbs with a touch of a vintage flavor.

Important: The free Lofi Space license will only be available today (Black Friday). So we’ll leave you with the URL HERE to acquire your license and then continue reading this article to learn more about what LoFi Space is all about.

Waves Audio 'Lofi Space' - Free for a Limited Time!

Lofi Space

The Lofi Space plugin is a basic effect that combines a Delay (echoes) and a Reverb in one easy-to-use package, with the added bonus of a distinct lo-fi sound.

Lofi Space is presented as a quick technique to generate a distinctive, outstanding, and simple effect, with which we can achieve a brilliant, saturated, but highly fresh appearance without any adjustments. You’ll receive that unmistakable, direct, low-fidelity sound no matter how you tweak the Lofi Space parameters; this effect isn’t shy.

You’ll have three areas to manage the overall effect of Lofi Space: ‘Echo’, ‘Reverb’, and the lower section, ‘Master’. It will be quite simple to comprehend how these three components function if you have already used a delay effect, a reverb, and are familiar with filters.

The Echo section has a button that allows you to activate or deactivate (bypass), as well as the standard delay effect modification parameters: ‘Time’, ‘Sync’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Ping-Pong’, and ‘Level’. Simply put, this part creates an ‘Analogue’ delay/echo effect that is bright and saturated.

The Reverb part also contains a button to activate or deactivate (bypass). The adjustment parameters section is simpler, with a ‘Length’ knob to change the reverb’s tail, a ‘Type’ button to choose between two reverb flavors (Spring or Plate), and a ‘Level’ button. This part provides a simple vintage reverb effect.

In the Master section, we’ll discover two filters (HP & LP), a central ‘Mix’ knob for mixing Dry / Wet, and a ‘Mono’ knob for adjusting the stereo field of the signal in order to get an accurate reproduction of the old mono records’ mood.

Download 'Lofi Space'

To receive your free license for the Lofi Space plugin, go to the Waves developer’s official website (Linked Below). You will be prompted to enter a valid email address to receive your activation license, which you must register in your Waves user account.

After entering your email, a notice appears stating that your license will be sent within 4 hours; however, everything is relative, and I must admit that the site was quite slow due to high demand.


The Lofi Space is available in VST / VST3AU /AAX formats for Windows and Mac OS (64-bits)

Important: This offer is only available on Black Friday.

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