SimpleMBComp – A JUCE Plugin Programming Course – (FREE)

SimpleMBComp - A JUCE Plugin Programming Course - (FREE)

SimpleMBComp - Plugin Programming Course

SimpleMBComp, a new programming course from Matkat Music, is now available for FREE! You may get this 8-hour long course for free if you use the promotion code ‘FreeCodeCamp’ on their website. This is definitely one of the best free opportunities you can get if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write your own plugins.

Charles Schiermeyer (the creator of MatKat Music) shows you how to make the SimpleMBComp plugin with JUCE in this course. JUCE is a C++ application framework that is open source in part. JUCE Education is completely free, with no income restrictions or minimum obligations.

This course includes eight hours of lessons divided into 34 videos, the VST3 files for SimpleMBComp (Mac and Windows), and the plugin’s licensing key. The plugin is a three-band compressor with a variety of features, including:

  • Muting, bypassing and soloing each of the three tracks.
  • Settings for the attack, release threshold, and the ratio of each track.
  • Compare, undo, redo, and more.
SimpleMBComp - A JUCE Plugin Programming Course - (FREE)

More About 'SimpleMBComp' Programming Course

In the first class, Charles walks you through the setup, which is more involved than simply downloading Visual Studio Community and JUCE, so pay attention! He goes over the setup in detail for both Windows and Mac users in the class.

He also discusses how you may use a Slack Workspace to contact him for help during the course if you get stuck on anything. This course is not intended for complete beginners, and a prior understanding of C++, music, software development, and computers, in general, is required.

There are a lot of concepts at play, and 8 hours isn’t long enough to go through everything. Expect to spend a significant amount of time repairing faults and error codes.

Consider taking the PFM::C++ Language Fundamentals course to receive a fast overview of C++ from the perspective of a music software developer. This could be a good starting point before you start building full plugins from scratch.

DSP and GUI are the two sections of the course. The first section demonstrates how to code your plugin’s Digital Signal Processing and essential features. The second section explains how to include the functions of your plugin into a graphical user interface.

In order to edit the code, Charles used Visual Studio Community. Visual Studio Community is a free program with a lot of customization options. Even if you already have the editor installed, it’s a good idea to reinstall it according to Charles’s instructions to ensure a smooth course.

He covers everything from the most basic operations and principles to the finer points of your graphical user interface, such as color palettes.

Matkat Music also offers a free 5-hour course called PFM::SimpleEQ, which teaches you how to design a basic 3-band equalizer.

While this course may be challenging for novices, it is an excellent place for ambitious developers to polish their abilities and begin developing music software with real-world applications.

Download 'SimpleMBComp Programming Course'

If the video training isn’t enough for you, you can support the developer by purchasing the written tutorial (which will assist you with the code) for $49!

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