KHORDS by LoopMasters is FREE With Loopcloud Annual Plan!

Get KHORDS by LoopMasters is FREE With The Loopcloud Annual Plan!

KHORDS by LoopMasters

Loopcloud has launched its greatest Black Friday deal yet, with new and existing Annual Plan customers receiving a free copy of the Loopmasters KHORDS ($89 value) plugin, free extra credits, and other prizes.

If you’re not aware of Loopcloud, it’s a Loopmasters-powered sample-based platform that allows you to contribute royalty-free samples to your music. It works as a standalone application or as a VST plugin in your preferred DAW. Loopcloud is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

Loopmasters is giving away their KHORDS plugin for free when you subscribe to Loopcloud as part of their Black Friday offer.

KHORDS by LoopMasters is FREE With Loopcloud Annual Plan!


KHORDS is a chord preset instrument plugin that comes with 550 chord presets to help you get started on your next project. There are 315 chord examples to choose from. Producers can use this plugin to add harmonies and chord progressions to their music.

Stabs, plucks, pads, strums, atmospheres, and other sounds from the library are available to use. The atmosphere of the music you want to compose can then be determined by choosing between major, minor, or root/open.

The ‘Speed‘ and ‘Formant’ knobs can be used to stretch the selected sample. This enables you to make changes to the sample to make it work with the rest of your project. There’s also the option of transposing the chord, key, and notes separately.

The form, rate of sync, and phase of the filter LFO can all be customised. Individual faders for ADSR (attack, decay, sustain, release) and a master control to modify the level of envelopes added are also included. KHORDS has a chorus, three types of delay, and six different reverb patterns in its FX section.

These are a quick and easy approach to spice up the chord samples. Because you may mix and match instruments, the plugin allows you to create unique sounds and is suitable for musicians of many genres. It is only available as a 64-bit plugin. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, however it does not yet support the AAX format.

When you subscribe for Loopcloud, you can get this for free. Artist, Studio, and Professional subscription tiers are available on Loopcloud. While all of them offer a free trial period, the amount of cloud storage space available differs. You can sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. At any time, you have the choice to upgrade or decrease your plan.

The user interface is simple to navigate, and you can find samples by searching for instruments, genres, labels, or even key and BPM. Because of the easy availability of samples online, Loopcloud has become the go-to for many electronic music producers. Loopcloud is also giving away three drum packs for free, in addition to KHORDS.

Download 'KHORDS'

As we have mentioned before you can get ‘KHORDS’ for FREE for a limited time. But you need to keep in mind that this offer is only valid for the Annual Plan subscribers (offer ends on December 6th).


KHORDS supports VST / AU plugin format for Windows & macOS – 64-bit.

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