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bx_Masterdesk Classic by Plugin Alliance The bx_Masterdesk Classic plugin, which is

Waves & Reason Studios collaboration (FREE Berzerk Distortion) Waves and

LABS Electric Guitars By Spitfire Audio LABS Electric Guitars is a

ADSR Sounds November 2021 Giveaway During the month of November,

Plugin Boutique November 2021 Giveaway Plugin Boutique is offering you

UnitedPlugins – QuickBass FREE Edition QuickBass (€99), a bass guitar

Front DAW 2nd hand Version by United Plugins The Front DAW

SynthBuss Lite by Final Mix Final Mix Software is giving

SCARE TACTICS by GLITCHEDTONES Until November 5th, 2021, Audio Plugin

Wicked Drum Hits 2 By Black Octopus Sound Until November

Flux Light by Yum Audio Yum Audio, a German studio

Ozone Elements By iZotope For a limited time, iZotope is