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PG-8X by Martin Lüders The JX-8P and PG-800 analog synthesizers are

Xpander by OZ-Soft The free Xpander plugin was released by

PREDD by Analog Obsession Analog Obsession (Tunca), the tireless developer,

dBCOMP by Analog Obsession dBCOMP, a limiter compressor based on

Burier by Kit Technology The “Burier” plugin was released as

Magic Dice by Baby Audio Baby Audio, a wonderful plugin

Dr Phase Pedal by Audiority Audiority, a plugin developer, has

BlueLab Audio BlueLab has declared that they will no longer

Vibraphone Renaissance By SampleScience Vibraphone Renaissance is a freeware sample-based

2RuleSynth By 2Rule 2RuleSynth is a new software synthesizer by

Drum One By Rigid Audio  Drum One, a free Kontakt

United Plugins – Quick AG 2nd-Hand Edition! United Plugins has updated